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Each company is unique. The One-size-fits-all approach will never help your business reach its full potential. IT Outcomes are based in Kent delivering customised customer service and IT consultancy solutions to organisations in Kent focused on the outcome, tailored to you for your industry, with your priorities and your challenges. The home of our IT helpdesk Kent support package services range covers Kent and London. If this is your locale, why not try out a free IT Consultation? We believe we can offer the best in IT solutions, here’s your opportunity to find out for free.

All works are checked by secondary senior technical and qualified IT business staff members to ensure all solutions are not only technically excellent but fit for purpose to achieve your outcomes. To speak to an IT expert, simply use the contact form situated at the bottom of this page to begin working with an IT provider who’ll provide cost effective solutions for your business today.

IT Outcomes provides a fully-fledged range of IT help services in Kent and surrounding areas such as Canterbury, Croydon and Folkestone. This includes IT support for business, schools and charities; consultancy solutions in regards software development tailored to individual client needs and requirements; from remote to onsite support. Our IT Support for Schools is tailored to suit the needs of each institution we encounter. Our team of highly trained and experienced experts can advise, support and troubleshoot whatever your IT queries may be. We provide a broad array of Kent IT consultancy services and solutions to organisations throughout the South East. Working with small and medium sized organisations, we allow businesses to get the most out of cloud computing, negating the need for disaster recovery and ensuring network security is running at maximum capacity 24/7.

We also provide GDPR Services, GDPR Consultancy, GDPR Data Protection and GDPR Compliance help and support.

IT for Business

Proactive & Bespoke IT Services for Businesses…

IT for Schools

Bespoke IT Assistance for Education Sector…

IT for Charities

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IT Support Help

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IT for Business

Proactive & Bespoke IT Services for Businesses…

IT for Charities

Tailored IT Services for Charities…

IT for Schools

Bespoke IT Assistance for Education Sector…

IT Support Help

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Email & Collaboration Services

Communicate with your teams effectively using the latest in email and collaboration software development from Office 365 and Skype for Business allowing you access work from home or anywhere you like.  Shared group lists, distribution schemes and streamlined emailing software will all assist in making your business more efficient. Our email collaboration tools and suite is purposely utilised by all types of businesses due to it’s versatile approach to streamlining mail. Our customer service team can help and assist you with the entire process.

  • Save Time

    The average corporate user spends 1/4 of the workday answering and sending email. Email collaboration software can help reduce this.

  • Less Confusion

    Email collaboration software will reduce confusion as too often information gets lost in email because of forwarding, CC’s and BCC’s.

Cloud IT Services

Every day, companies are discovering how they can reduce costs and improve their IT through the strategic use of cloud based services and environments.  IT Outcomes has an in-depth knowledge of the latest in cloud services in technologies such as Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare and System Center whereby be a provider, give advice and assistance or even a fully managed cloud adoption service. With technology becoming a focal point for many organisations online, it’s imperative that your business stays up to date and mitigates any chance of an IT disaster.

  • Very Cost Effective

    As cloud IT computing removes the requirement to purchase equipment and build out whilst operating a data centre, cost is greatly reduced.

  • Always-on Availability

    Our Cloud IT services are extremely reliabl, maintaining a 99.99% uptime record for our clients with the connection continuously operating.

Dedicated IT Support Kent

Free IT Consultation

We know the pressures that come to organisations who come down with a catastrophic IT failure. Instead of waiting for that day to occur, get in touch with a member of the team, who’ll be able to discuss, review and provide a cost effective on-going, monthly and bespoke IT Support Kent plan suited for your individual requirements and needs. Head on over to our Free IT Consultation page to book a consultation today!

IT Support Services Kent

Information Technology is an industry which is growing at a rapid rate. Unfortuantely many small businesses are becoming left behind with new technologies which could significantly reduce cost and administration time to their business. For example, we tend to find a number of organisations who aren’t yet fully connected to the cloud, allowing the ability to sync files effortlessly from phones, to laptops to desktop PC’s wherever you are in the world via our IT Support Kent team.

IT Support Kent Services UK

About Us
& Our Approach

Our Vision

Our Vision is “to assist you to focus on the Outcome you want from IT.”

We want to ensure your systems support services your goals, your growth and your users; not just focus on the technology itself. This is why we aim to make you the heart of our solution and make the Outcome work for you.

Let us get to know your Business!

Our Approach

The mindset of a ‘one size fits all’ approach is now outdated.

We focus specifically on delivering tailored, scalable and bespoke IT expert services and software development to our clients spanning throughout Kent & various other areas such as London & Croydon. Our rentention rate is over 90% for clients that have been with us for 5+ years.

Let’s discuss your next move with your IT system today.

Why Use IT Outcomes

“because attaining measurable and tangible benefits the Outcomes delivered to your business or organisation is how we measure our success.”
We pride ourselves on the quality of the end result we deliver to you. That is why all our engineers are not only highly qualified but continually recertified.

Get in touch

At IT Outcomes we love to hear from our customers, whether you are new to Managed IT Services, are looking to change your existing supplier or need advice just call or email and our approachable team will be more than happy to assist you.

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