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As you will definitely be aware, we are living in a strange time at the moment.  Covid-19 or the Coronavirus has caused many businesses to look to alternative ways of working, and for more and more employees to be working remotely to keep a safer distance from others.  IT and technology have never been more important for businesses in order to keep working and help staff to continue working from their homes.  For many businesses, having their team dispersed may come as a bit of a shock, but with the right set up, it is possible to continue working well as a team. Here are some tips for making the most of technology for remote working.

Utilise a Virtual Workspace

Using cloud technology allows your teams to have complete access to all their usual files, documents, software and more.  Set up your virtual workspace so your team can all access shared documents, files and more from wherever they are, as well as communication tools.

Use Video Technology

Many of us are holding meetings via video call technology, which can be just as effective as a face to face meeting.  In fact, try to use video rather than simply an audio call, as having that personal touch can make the virtual meeting seem much more authentic.  If you aren’t comfortable with having your home shown in the background, many meeting applications allow you to blur the background or add a different image behind you.

Share Calendars and Availability

It is important while you are working away from the rest of your team that you are all open about your availability to each other – this could mean sharing calendars with each other so you can easily see the availability of your team for virtual meetings or other work tasks.



IT Support Image

Businesses today rely on their computer systems. Think about how much of your business is conducted via your PC – it is likely to be the vast majority! From communication with other businesses, clients and colleagues and carrying out your day to day tasks, we use computer systems for pretty much everything we do.

Think about what would happen if your computer system were to let you down. Suddenly, your whole business becomes unworkable!  This is why you need to consider an IT support system to suit your needs.

Here at IT Outcomes, we offer a range of different support levels. We appreciate that not all businesses will need the same level of support. We offer a variety to support you just the way you need it.

Small Business Support

Our most basic IT support package is the pay as you go type. Here, we can provide you with ad hock support as and when you need it. From installing new hardware or software, through to covering for staff illness or holiday, our pay as you go support allows you to pick and choose when you want help.  Read more about our Pay as You Go IT Support.

Medium Business Support

For those businesses looking for something a little more regular, we can provide remote support and 24 hour monitoring of your systems. This allows you to have contact with us on a regular basis, getting support when you need it via our unlimited remote IT support service.

Corporate Business Support

Some larger corporate businesses will get on really well with our fully managed IT support package. This is where we have an allocated time to come in to help you on a regular basis. We have a wide range of services and IT support for businesses.

Whichever level of support suits you best, you know you will always get a great service from IT Outcomes. With our simple and secure IT support services, we can help you exactly when you need us.  Check out our completely free IT consultation today!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will most definitely have heard about the new GDPR rules which came into play in May 2018.  The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a very important range of legislation which affects organisations greatly.  Here at IT Outcomes, we have a whole range of GDPR services and GDPR consultancy operations to help you to understand the new rules and become compliant.  Here are our top five things to be aware of when it comes to GDPR and your business.


  1. GDPR applies to you: The GDPR applies to all business worldwide which process personal data of European Union citizens. This is the first time that the European Commission has exported data protection principles to the rest of the world.  This essentially means that any company working with information relating to EU citizens will have to comply with the GDPR requirements.  This means that all companies around the world will need to take their data privacy more seriously than before.


  1. The GDPR has a broad definition of personal data: Whilst the definition of “personal data” has always been broad, the GDPR widens it even more, with new sorts of personal data now included in the regulation. Some parts of IT which have not previously been affected by data protection laws will now need attention to make sure they are compliant.  The GDPR includes any data which could be used to identify someone, such as genetic, mental, cultural, economic or social information.


  1. Valid consent is now crucial: Having the ability to prove you have valid consent to use personal information is one of the biggest challenges for businesses. Organisations must ensure they use simple language when asking for consent to collect personal data; it needs to be crystal clear how and why you will be using an individual’s personal information.  The most important thing to remember is that silence or inactivity no longer constitutes consent.


  1. The Right to Be Forgotten: The GDPR introduced a stringent data handling principle – organisations MUST delete the data of any person when they request the deletion. You must gain fresh consent before you can alter the way you use the data that’s been collected too.


  1. Hefty fines for non-compliance: The enforcement of GDPR rules are backed with significant fines of up to €20m or 4% of group annual global turnover (whichever is higher). The good thing is that businesses will only have to deal with one supervising authority rather than a different one for each EU state.  This will make it simpler for organisations to handle the administration of the new rules.


As you can see, there is a lot more for businesses to be concerned about when it comes to data protection and privacy. If you feel that all this is somewhat beyond you, why not book a meeting with our GDPR specialists here at IT Outcomes? We can help your business become as compliant as you possibly can, with our expert knowledge and structured GDPR compliance services to help organisations large and small.  Contact us today to find out more!

Welcome to our new website!  We are pleased to show you more information about the services we provide, and hopefully our new site will give you all the information you need about how IT Outcomes can help your business to improve and optimise your IT system.

In the digital age we are currently in, it is vital for organisations to have sufficient IT systems in order for their businesses to be most successful.  Some of the services we are able to provide include updating your physical networks, servers, hardware such as laptops and tablets and we can also help you to manage your security (a must when dealing with customers and consumers online).  If you are less tech-savvy, why not ask us about our free consultation service?  Here we can take a look at your current situation and advise you on how best to proceed in order to maximise your IT potential.  After all, we strive to provide better outcomes for your businesses!

Have a look around the site and feel free to contact us with any questions or queries you may have.

The Business Value of Wireless

Wireless technology has a number of key business benefits.

Increased efficiency
Improved data communications lead to faster transfer of information within businesses and between partners and customers. For example, sales people can remotely check stock levels and prices whilst on sales calls.

Better coverage
Because wireless technology enables the user to communicate while on the move, you are rarely out of touch – you don’t need extra cables or adaptors to access office networks.

Office-based wireless workers can be networked without sitting at dedicated computers, and can continue to do productive work while away from the office. This can lead to new styles of working, such as home working or direct access to corporate data while on customer sites.

Cost savings
Wireless networks can be easier and cheaper to install, especially in listed buildings or where the landlord will not permit the installation of cables.

New opportunities
Wireless networking could allow you to offer new products or services. For example, many airport departure lounges, train stations, hotels, cafes and restaurants have installed ‘hot spot’ wireless networking services to allow mobile users to connect their equipment to their ‘home’ offices while travelling.

Business value is formed of many faciets. Saving money is one important component, but value can also be measured in terms of productivity, efficiency, job satisfaction and customer service. Wireless technologies have become a crucial component for businesses of all kinds.

Education – Advantages of Wireless

Advantages of Wireless Wireless networking works well in all types of school. It offers educational benefits as well as administrative, often at lower costs compared to other networking solutions.

Benefits of Wireless for Learning
Gives access to more children, subjects, areas of the school and for a wider range of purposes.

Benefits of Wireless to teachers:
Can work more efficiently
Support their pupils’ learning through their own use of ICT
Use ICT to extract greater value from their teaching
Work wherever and whenever suits them best, around the school

The flexibility of wireless networks and portable computers means that lessons using ICT, can take place in ordinary classrooms. Children’s learning needs are supported and teachers’ can innovate in how learning takes place.

For smaller schools, wireless networking can offer a cheaper, more rapidly installed way of giving increased access to ICT school-wide.

For larger schools, wireless extensions to existing wired networks can bring campus-wide coverage with the flexibility to provide temporary additional coverage in unusual areas.

July 14th 2015 – Server 2003/R2 End of Extended Supportwindow-image

What does this mean? Why should you move from SBS or Server 2003/R2 to Server 2012 R2?

  • No more updates
  • No more compliance (Compliance Audits may fail including PCI)
  • Discontinued support for many applications

Why Migrate and not Upgrade?

Provides a transition path from:

  • x86 to x64 OS (anything after Windows server 2008 is x64 only)
  • Physical to virtual (and vice versa)
  • Full server to server core (and vice versa)
  • Clean operating system installs
  • Reduces risk and downtime
  • OS installation and most migration tasks are performed while the source server is still live
  • Allows migration verification and performance benchmarking prior to bringing the target server “online”
  • Source server remains available for back out scenarios

If you are thinking about or are needing to migrate

Then should you be considering….

  • Virtualisation
  • Hosted Desktops or Web Based Applications
  • Office 365
  • Business Continuity

Our VMware and Hyper-V experts can help you find a virtualisation solution that leverages your existing technology to increase server and other resource utilisation, improve performance, increase security yet minimising system downtime and recovery.Virtualisation can help your company by:

  • Minimising Your Total Cost of Infrastructure Ownership
  • Streamlining IT Infrastructure Management
  • Eliminating underused software installations and configurations with virtual appliances
  • Decreasing IT labour costs and refocusing IT teams on value added, strategic tasks
  • Providing Mainframe Class Availability and Reliability
  • Managing IT infrastructure in the most efficient way
  • Bringing mainframe class availability and reliability to x86 datacenters
  • Running the most demanding applications in a virtual environment

Office 365

Office 365 is an integral part of Microsoft’s Online Services strategy and is central to its long-term goal to bring world class collaboration tools to all organisations, regardless of size, geography or business complexity.

It brings together Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Exchange and Lync in an integrated, always available cloud service. More importantly, it is available for a predictable monthly fee and without the need for upfront capital expenditure.

We believe that by utilising Office 365 and complementing it with IT OUTCOMES Support service, our clients can reduce the cost of ownership of their IT infrastructure.

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