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The new EU General Data Protection Regulation, also referred to as the GDPR will be directly applicable beginning from 25th May 2o18.  GDPR adds significant changes compared to the current Data Protection directive, including operational changes within organisations.  As a result of this new directive, organisations need to be completely aware of these changes, as they could face severe fines in cases of non-compliance.

The biggest change to data privacy regulation in 20 years, the GDPR has been issued by the European Commussion, the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers of the European Union, with the end goal of improving data protection for individuals within the EU.

Who is Affected by GDPR?

The GDPR applies to “controllers” and “processors” which are handling the personal data of individuals.  One important thing to notes this that the new regulation applies to ALL organisations collecting and processing the personal data of EU citizens, regardless of where the business is based in the world – businesses across America, Asia, Africa and Australasia will all need to be compliant with the directive if they are handling the personal data of people who live in the EU.

There are two different roles affected by the GDPR: the Controller and the Processor.

The Controller: this is the person, agency or other body who determines the purposes and means of processing the personal data.

The Processor: this is the person, authority or agency which processes the personal data on behalf of the controller.

Basically, a data controller specifies how and why personal data is to be used, while the processor conducts the actual data processing.  The controller is responsible for ensuring the processor sticks to the data protection laws.

What is GDPR Compliance?

It is vital that businesses understand the GDPR and what is involved in becoming compliant.

  1. Regulations apply to any company collecting and/or processing EU citizen’s personal data, regardless of where the business office is located.
  2. Organisations will need to get consent to store and use data, as well as explain how it is being used.
  3. Businesses will need to notify any breaches in security to the GDPR authorities.
  4. Companies need to be able to provide electronic copies of private records of when individuals have requested their data.
  5. The Right to be Forgotten – EU citizens will be able to request that their data is deleted and not shared with third parties, who are also obligated to stop using it.
  6. Privacy by design is now a legal requirement in GDPR – security has to be built into products and processes from day one!
  7. Data protection officers may now need to be appointed (subject to certain conditions).

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If you are concerned that your business is likely to be affected by GDPR and the surrounding legal issues, why not contact us here at IT Outcomes – we can help you to establish your GDPR compliance checklist to ensure you are fully compliant with the new laws.

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