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GDPR Services

GDPR Gap Analysis

The most basic of our general data protection requlation gdpr services, our data protection officer with do Gap Analysis helps you to discover how much your organisation currently complies with the GDPR regulations. You will get a detailed assessment showing your organisation’s current general data protection regulation compliance position, along with recommendations and a thorough plan for you to address any gaps and risks. This service is ideal for businesses who already have some data breach protection plans in place but need to establish how much more will need to be altered or adjusted in order to best fit the GDPR in practice.

GDPR Data Flow Audit

Our data flow audit is designed for businesses who are not sure which personal data they hold, or where it is currently stored. This service gives you a complete inventory of your personal data held and shared by your organisation as well as a data flow map of the processes. This will really help you to understand exactly how and where your organisation currently stores personal data, and to what extent this could pose risks when the GDPR comes into force.

Data Protection Impact Assessment

The Data Protection Impact Assessment (also referred to as DPIA) is perfect for organisations which do not fully know the data protection risks posed when introducing a new system or process.  Here we get you a full assessment of the data protection risks associated with your new process and a clear remediation plan to mitigate those risks.

GDPR Transition Services

If your organisation requires help implementing your GDPR compliance project, this is the right service for you.  You will get full support adapting your existing data protection programme to suit the GDPR.  This will include data protection frameworks, policies and procedures, data processor management, information security, incident management, internal data transfers and compliance documentation.  This is a must for all organisations who need a little support to fully transfer their data protection management over to the new regulations.

In-house GDPR awareness training

Ideal for organisations who need to ensure staff and management understand their own responsibilities under the GDPR, our in house training delivers awareness sessions specifically tailored to your organisation’s requirements.  Basic GDPR services to ensure your staff understand their role in the GDPR regulations.

We provide our services in Kent, London, Croydon and many more locations, predominantly in the south east.  Check our map on the ‘Get In Touch’ form to see whether we cover your area. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly and we can confirm with you whether it can be possible.

Bespoke GDPR Package

For those businesses who perhaps require a blend of different services to ensure they are fully compliant with GDPR, we can create a customised, bespoke package of services to feature a suitable combination.  This will allow you to ensure your organisation is working well within the GDPR regulations along with comprehensive assessment, training and tools to be sure you do not fall foul of the new rules.

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To book your GDPR services or to discuss in more detail how we can help you to become fully compliant with the GDPR, contact our team today.

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