Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktop

IT Outcomes' hosted cloud desktop solution moves PC desktops from individual machines into the cloud.

Our Hosted Desktop Solutions

A hosted desktop solution delivers a consistent and scalable IT experience to all users in an organisation.

Users need to only have access to the desktop icon or link to use it. They then have access to a cloud environment with all of their PC's programs, applications, and files.

Desktop environments are the perfect solution for supporting remote working because they can be set to be accessed securely from any device and location.

Hosted desktops are a wonderful option for businesses that have offices dispersed across the country or around the world. Because they allow you to manage all of your desktops from just one location, they're ideal for enterprises with dispersed workers.


Hosted VOIP

Hosted VoIP phone systems are similar to in-house systems, but rather than running in your own data center, we host it on our dedicated cloud environment.

Hosted VOIP

Hosted Server

A hosted server can provide your business with a number of advantages over traditional server hosting solutions

Hosted Server

Hosted Email

Not only does email hosting provide features that free providers don't, but there are plenty of other advantages to consider as well.

Hosted Email

Advantages of Hosted Desktops

There are multiple advantages to branching out into a hosted desktop solution which can help you save money, time and give your business maximum IT security.

Simple Management

A hosted desktop solution enables centralised management of all of an organization's desktops. This saves time on IT administration and maintenance since updates and security patches may be applied to all computers at the same time. The hosted environment is also virus-free, making it more secure.


Disaster Recovery

Business continuity is provided by cloud-based hosted desktops from IT Outcome's network. So, if your company burns down or gets flooded, your data will be safe. This implies that employees may continue to operate from other sites without missing a beat.


A managed desktop environment enables users to access their company's IT systems from anywhere. Users can work remotely but collaboratively on documents with people in the company.

Organisations can also set up remote access to software such as design or accounting programs, allowing users to work from any location where they can get a connection.

Cost Savings

Hosted solutions are more efficient, saving money on IT hardware, software, and administrative time and costs.

A hosted desktop setup can reduce the per-user cost of management and support by an estimated 50% each year.

Organisations can save money by investing in less powerful workstations because most data processing takes place on the cloud. This won't sacrifice performance, either.

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Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

At IT Outcomes, we don't just provide a desktop as a service (DaaS). We ensure that your infrastructure is running smoothly and safely in either our secure cloud environment or on your own in-house server.

We can help you obtain any licenses needed to legally operate your business, and we'll also tell you where you can save money by retiring current licenses.

IT Outcomes can enable access to hosted PCs from any device using security solutions. Our two-factor authentication method will ensure that no unauthorised entries may be achieved.

If you want, our hardware experts can pick out PCs and laptops for you to use with your system. We'll choose solutions that have the best processing solution, but they won't break the bank.

We Keep Hosted Desktops Simple

Cyber security is a broad and complex issue. If you want to talk with a live person who can suggest concrete measures you may take, simply click the blue button. We understand the nature of your company, and we will not condescend to you.



Frequently Asked Questions…

A hosted desktop is a remotely located virtual machine that provides all the features, applications and data of a physical desktop.

A hosted desktop is a remote computer that you access through the internet. It runs its own operating system and applications, while others are managed from the server.

A Hosted Shared Desktop is a Windows desktop that includes applications you can use to access files and data stored on hosted file servers or database servers such as SQL Server.


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