Hosted Emails

Hosted Emails

Use Hosted Emails in your business set up to help streamline your business communications. Having a professional email account is not contingent on having a website

How does Email Hosting work?

Though free email hosting services from providers like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are great for personal use, they don't lend to a sense of professionalism. These services also come with security limitations which can pose problems even for small businesses.

Although all free email hosting platforms work in a similar fashion, business email solutions allow you to personalise certain aspects, like using your own domain name.

An email hosting service provider is a company that gives you server space to store your emails and grants you access to a domain name of your choice. If you already have a personalised domain, use it for the email hosting account.

Your email hosting is set up and functioning as any other free Microsoft, Google, or Yahoo email account. If you don't want to deal with configuring your email client, consider the following example. You can use only your username and password to access the internet mail online application from your email hosting provider if you don't want to bother with setting up an email client.


Hosted Desktop

A hosted desktop solution delivers a consistent and scalable IT experience to all users in an organisation

Hosted Desktop

Hosted VOIP

Hosted VoIP phone systems are similar to in-house systems, but rather than running in your own data center, we host it on our dedicated cloud environment.

Hosted VOIP

Hosted Server

A hosted server can provide your business with a number of advantages over traditional server hosting solutions

Hosted Server

The Benefits of Hosted Emails

Not only does email hosting provide features that free providers don't, but there are plenty of other advantages to consider as well. Here are three benefits in particular.



A dependable email hosting service is vital to any business that wants to maintain a good reputation and be available when their consumers and employees need them. Most quality email hosts will offer some sort of guarantees so you can be confident that you won’t find yourself in a difficult situation.


Scalability ensures that your business can grow as needed, both in the short and long term. When it comes to email servers, this means having access to dedicated customer support, increased storage capacity, or additional addresses for your domain.


Encryption can prevent your emails from being read by anyone other than the intended recipient. At some point, you'll almost certainly have to communicate sensitive information internally or to clients, so this is a vital security feature.

Once you’ve completed the previous task, additionally set up malware and spam filters for extra safety. This will also help to ensure that your messages are not full of junk mail.

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What’s the Difference Between Web Hosting and Email Hosting?

Although it may be confusing to try and understand all the hosting types available, we are here to help explain. The two most common decisions businesses have to make when it comes to hosting are web hosting and email hosting.

Without web hosting, your website cannot be found online. This is the service that stores your website and makes sure it stays connected to the internet. Some providers also offer email hosting, but you need to ask for this specifically.

Email hosting is usually included as part of a web hosting package and is a separate service that allows you to establish your own custom email address and use it to send and receive emails. For example, could be the email account name.

Do I need Web Hosting for Email?

Although many people get web hosting to exclusively build their website, they often don't know that most providers offer free email hosting with every plan. Having a professionally-looking email account is not contingent on having a website. Without a website, you can still have an email hosting plan through your provider of choice.

Providers like Google and Microsoft offer business email hosting for a fee, giving you extra features like the ability to use your domain name and personalize your business with your logo in your mailbox.

So if you own a small business with 10 to 20 people, then email hosting is recommended, as it will also have benefits in other areas. Email hosting can be more secure than free email services.



Frequently Asked Questions…

Email filtering services protect your mailbox from receiving spam, malware, or suspicious emails by checking and organise inbound messages into categories.

Gmail has always been effective at detecting and deleting spam. Spammers, on the other hand, have evolved new methods to try and break Google's anti-spam algorithms as detection rates rose. One popular technique is to create a message then save it as a picture before sending it to their targets.

Although they work differently, all spam filters share a similarities with firewalls in that they both function to block certain types of content. Just as hardware firewalls have an Access Control List (ACL) to determine what traffic is allowed through, spam filters use rules to sort and filter emails.


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