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Hosted Server Services

A hosted server can provide your business with a number of advantages over traditional server hosting solutions. By outsourcing the management and maintenance of your server to a hosted service provider, you can free up valuable IT resources.


Hosted servers can be quickly provisioned and scaled to meet changing business needs, providing you with greater flexibility and agility. And because hosted servers are typically hosted in data centers with robust power and cooling infrastructure, you can enjoy increased uptime and reliability. Whether you're looking to improve the performance of your existing IT systems or deploy a new application, hosted servers can provide an ideal solution.


Hosted Desktop

A hosted desktop solution delivers a consistent and scalable IT experience to all users in an organisation

Hosted Desktop

Hosted VOIP

Hosted VoIP phone systems are similar to in-house systems, but rather than running in your own data center, we host it on our dedicated cloud environment.

Hosted VOIP

Hosted Email

Not only does email hosting provide features that free providers don't, but there are plenty of other advantages to consider as well.

Hosted Email


Among the many advantages of using a hosted server setup, the following are frequently among the most compelling ones for businesses to consider moving to.



Cloud computing services, such as hosted servers, eliminate the IT infrastructure restrictions that a growing business may confront.

For small and medium-sized businesses, the low monthly cost of a hosted server eliminates the expense associated with replacing in-house servers. Our hosted arrangement is far more professional and dependable. Furthermore, our solution allows for hybrid working and remote access that may be out of reach for small businesses.

If you're running a big or rapidly-growing company, our cloud servers are an effortless, scalable solution.

Cost Saving

Hosted servers eliminate the need for in-house hardware and software, as well as associated upgrades or expansion expenditures. CAPEX (capital expenditure) becomes OPEX (operating expenditure), which is better on financial statements.

In addition, our hosted solutions are supported and monitored by us. Therefore, if you move your server to our environment, you will no longer have to pay extra for server maintenance nor endure the stress that comes with it.


Our hosted server alternatives provide improved security and dependability over a home server setup.

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We can assist you in transferring any activity that an onsite server would accomplish to a higher-performing, more cost-effective cloud environment with IT Outcome's dedicated server hosting services.

It's quite typical for Microsoft Exchange, file, and SQL servers to be virtualized. However, complex systems such as VoIP phone systems, accounts packages, and onsite ERP or CRM systems can all be hosted in a dedicated hosting environment.

We can also create hosted desktop environments from our cloud servers, greatly increasing the flexibility of your company's operations. If you want us to host your website as well, we can do that too.

IT Outcomes offers hosted servers so that you have complete control over your website. Freedom to change things as you see fit is included in the package – we simply charge a monthly fee based on how much storage and processing power you use.

What Makes our Hosted Servers Different?

Unlike other IT companies that rent equipment from others, we operate and maintain our own dedicated server equipment in secure locations around the country. So if you need help, you can just call us – you won’t be passed around or made to wait. You’ll also save money by cutting out the middleman.

We also take care of your cloud server infrastructure and 24-hour monitoring. Our skilled specialists protect our hosted servers against the sorts of virus and malware attacks that many businesses fall prey to. To reduce the risk of failure, we utilize highly durable and scalable data centre-grade hardware.



Frequently Asked Questions…

Server hosting is an IT service that allows monthly or usage-based access to remote virtual or physical servers and their resources. This service is typically offered by a cloud provider.

A dedicated server provides a client with the ability to customize the server's CPU, RAM, disk space and software to suit their specific needs. With shared hosting, customers are limited by the applications, software and operating environment that is already loaded on the server.

A host can be any device that connects to a computer, such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. A server is software or hardware that provides services to other devices or programs connected to the network.


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