Email Filtering Service

Email Filtering Service

IT Outcome's email filtering system not only eradicates malware, but it also enhances the relevancy of your emails.

Email Filtering Services

Although email is the predominant way businesses communicate, it also comes with certain risks. Viruses can be released simply by opening an email or clicking on a link, which can then wreak havoc on networks and internal systems. This in turn can have negative consequences for customers and contacts.

Mail Filtering from IT Outcomes is the first step to keeping your business's email protected. Our server takes incoming emails and scans them for viruses or spam before they ever reach you. By blocking categories of unwanted email like unsolicited emails, phishing attempts, spoofing, and illicit content, we make sure that only clean mail reaches your inbox.

Features of our Email Filtering Services

By using our email filtering services here at IT Outcomes, you are exposing yourself to a variety of effective features that can have a positive impact on your business.


Spam Filtering

Filters your company's email traffic to prevent your users from receiving spam. Through multi-layered spam detection, our solution guarantees that 99.97% of spam is identified. You may sleep well knowing that your consumers never receive false positives at a rate of 0.03%.

Virus & Malware Blocking

Our solution offers dual antivirus protection, including ransomware and other malware attempting to breach your network through email.

Outbound Scanning

By blocking spam and viruses from being sent from your business, you can avoid having your IP addresses blacklisted by worldwide blacklisting companies, which would prevent email delivery (delivery may be prevented, affecting business processes and productivity), as well as stop spread of malware.

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The Impact of Spam Emails

Up to 70% of a business's email inbox can be full of spam.

Spam is a time-consuming problem for many people. The average person might spend 30 minutes a day sorting through their emails. By using an email filtering solution, you can eliminate up to 50% of spam emails and save each person almost a day each month. That’s a massive efficiency saving for any organisation.

Our team can help you by providing a secure email platform to reduce the risk of fraud and improve your emails' relevance. The solution may be configured for various levels of security, including trigger words that may prevent frequent spam keywords from being delivered. Staff receive a daily email summarising which emails have been blocked. If something legitimate has been caught, they can see it and whitelist the sender. Users can also access their quarantine areas at any time by logging in.

Free Email Filter vs. Other Software Solutions

When it comes to choosing an email filtering solution, companies must first understand what services are available. Email filtering solutions aren't all made equal. Organisations can pick from a free or paid business solution. You can manage and configure most email filters for free, though some may not offer all of the best features for protecting your email. Consider what each option offers before deciding whether a free or enterprise solution is right for you.

However, by choosing IT Outcomes, you have the option to choose either an appliance-based or cloud-based solution. The majority of email filter systems are designed to keep your company safe from spam and other unwanted emails. Another benefit of working with a business solution is the ability to create your own bespoke policies and rules that are tailored to your needs. This gives you control over how your email is handled.



Frequently Asked Questions…

Email filtering services protect your mailbox from receiving spam, malware, or suspicious emails by checking and organise inbound messages into categories.

Gmail has always been effective at detecting and deleting spam. Spammers, on the other hand, have evolved new methods to try and break Google's anti-spam algorithms as detection rates rose. One popular technique is to create a message then save it as a picture before sending it to their targets.

Although they work differently, all spam filters share a similarities with firewalls in that they both function to block certain types of content. Just as hardware firewalls have an Access Control List (ACL) to determine what traffic is allowed through, spam filters use rules to sort and filter emails.


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