Password & Document Management

Password & Document Management

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Secure IT Collaboration Is Possible

When crucial information living in your IT network, especially, user credentials, is managed in a secure or structured manner, your business avoids inefficiency and various security vulnerabilities. Your internal IT team must enhance documentation, management and sharing of crucial data to ensure secure IT collaboration between your employees. It’s challenging, but they can get the right support to make it happen.

Costs Of Poor IT Documentation

Potential Security Breaches

With crucial data such as user credentials from your network stored and managed in a haphazard manner, you open the door for both physical and digital security breaches.
37% of breaches in 2020 resulted from stolen or used credentials.
86% of business owners and staff attribute workplace problems to inadequate or poor communication tools.

Issues With Accessibility

It goes without saying that accessibility of data takes a major hit in the absence of structured IT documentation. The challenge is further amplified by a remote workforce.

Productivity & Collaboration

Scouring for necessary information across the network can delay key processes and subsequently, lead to project delays—especially for remote users.


Various compliance regulations mandate your business to store and secure sensitive data in a particular manner. If you fail to prove it, you could face anything from legal complications to financial setbacks.

Loss Of Reputation

Your inability to manage IT documentation properly can damage your reputation among your clients and other key stakeholders. Your reputation is too valuable to be thrown away so easily

The Benefits Of IT Collaboration


Better Efficiency

Allow your IT staff to streamline password management with tickets that reduce their daily workload and demands. With immediate implementation, syncing of passwords takes just a few minutes. Employees could save 5-10% of their time, or around two to four hours in a 40-hour week


Relatable Data & Structured Documentation

Achieve consistent and organized documentation in a standardized format, with relationship links between important connected information, documents and passwords.


Stronger Security Posture

Reduce security risks and gain control of end-user password criteria while significantly reducing password ‘friction’, which not only impacts productivity and efficiency but also creates a stressful working environment for employees.


Enhanced Collaboration

Your internal IT team will be able to easily create, access and share files, passwords, and other IT/Network documentation with the right colleagues.


Self-service Options

Provide a secure and simple way for internal IT (end users) to manage their own passwords and solve simple issues using read-only SOPs and other documents shared by your MSP partner or internal departments

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