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Server Monitoring Services

Looking for 24/7 monitor support? Check out our packages below. We prioritise taking care of your IT needs and preventing any potential problems.

What is Server Monitoring?

Server monitoring enables you to see what is going on with your servers — physical or virtual. Servers are devices (or, more frequently, applications) that store and process information that can be provided to other users or devices as needed. Just one server can support hundreds or even thousands of requests all at the same time. Consequently, making sure that every single one of an organisation’s servers are working properly is a key part of managing your IT infrastructure effectively.

Monitor Hardware and Software - continuous monitoring

Automatic Critical Updates - security & maintenance updates

Benefits ALL sizes of business - small, medium & large

Preventative IT Support - dedicated IT Support


Live Monitoring

Our state of the art system cleverly provides 24-7 monitoring of your systems, 365 days of the year in real time, flagging up potential issues and problems as they arise.


Early Warning Signs

With enough warning, it is much easier to manage and eliminate problems, without them turning into complete disasters! Our system alerts you to potential issues before they happen.


Advanced Warning

You don’t always get much warning when IT things do go wrong, and the first time you are made aware of a problem is when you arrive in the office unexpectedly.


Prevention IT

We don’t just work on potential problems – we ensure your computers are fully up to date with the latest security patches, anti virus and other updates.



Our structured methods and Event Management helps you to get closer to industry best practice as well as compliance.


Setup & Config

We can install any software components needed and perform any configuration required. We can provide summary reports and dashboard access to you.

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Why is Server Monitoring Important?

Servers are among the most important elements of your IT infrastructure, therefore it's only natural that monitoring their performance and uptime is critical to the health of your IT ecology. You may lose clients if a web server is down, operating slowly, experiencing outages, or having other performance issues. Key corporate data such as accounting files or customer records might be damaged if an internal file server is generating problems.

Server monitoring keeps an eye on your systems and offers IT management with key metrics about their operation. Most monitors will test for availability (checking that the server is online and accessible) as well as response time (to make sure it's fast enough for users), while also being on the lookout for errors (like missing or corrupted files, security breaches, etc.).

What's included in our 24/7 monitoring services?

The 24/7 monitoring package provided by IT Outcomes includes automatic critical updates, preventative IT Support, hardware and software monitored, network infrastructure reviews and identifying faults and outages.

At IT Outcomes, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality IT support services for business that are both flexible and compliant with all the latest regulations. We prioritise taking care of your IT needs and preventing any potential problems before they arise.



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