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From as little as £1.50 per month for every device, we offer a wide range of IT services to businesses looking to rejuvenate their IT systems in Petersfield and Hampshire.


ITO Support

With over 15 years of experience, we've become a reliable partner in technology for many organisations and internal teams in Petersfield.


ITO Services

We provide IT consultations, customer service of high quality, and complete IT support. Our adept consultants are ready to suggest solutions specifically designed for your organisation.


ITO Cloud

Cloud servers can lower your energy use significantly compared to on-site servers due to their design. For some organisations in Petersfield, this could mean substantial savings on energy costs.

IT Services in Petersfield

Moreover, IT Services is provided to businesses across the United Kingdom, spanning Petersfield and Hampshire. We offer an array of IT service solutions enabling you to concentrate on your core operations. Check out ourIT Support business packages for additional details.


Pro-active IT Helpdesk

Expect prompt responses, proactive servicing, and assured quality of service.


Trusted Partner Relationships

We hold key accreditations from leading suppliers.


CyberEssentials PLUS

Evidence of our expertise in securing our clients' data.


ISO9001 and ISO27001

We are dedicated to safeguarding data and facilitating processes.


Dedicated Account Management

Your dedicated point of contact, ensuring your needs are always heard.


Highly Trained Engineers

Our team is handpicked based on their credentials and abilities.


Collaborative and supportive culture

The happiness of our employees is a cornerstone of our workplace environment.


Friendly Engineers

Experts at simplifying intricate technical problems.

Petersfield IT Services

Connecting with a Petersfield IT Services business like ours is easy. Simply give us a call or drop us an email straight away. You can also reach out to us through our Live Chat!

EXPERIENCED IT Services IN Petersfield Hampshire

IT Outcomes delivers a wide-ranging set of technical IT services to businesses across Petersfield and Hampshire. Our process initiates from understanding your needs, identifying possible technological constraints, and eventually fosters a robust and supportive IT landscape across your organisation. Our services address various niche needs; an instance being our IT Support for Schools service which bolsters superior security and continuously efficient IT systems in educational institutions. Our introductory package carries all the vital tools to keep your devices online, updated, and secure. Particularly suited for smaller businesses with intermittent technical support needs, this package serves as a handy, flexible solution. The next on our offering is our proactive service, perfect for small to medium-sized businesses in Petersfield aiming at a smooth network operation. It incorporates all the basic package features while tackling more challenging IT tasks. Subsequently, we offer fully managed IT support packages.

As one of the most respected IT Services companies, we take pride in providing advice, consultation, and professional services to organisations in Petersfield. With adaptable service level agreements that can be customised and itemised, we personalise what was once a fixed level service to suit your company and its unique circumstances.

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Nationwide Remote Support

Remote IT Support in Hampshire

Remote IT support serves as an excellent solution for businesses without a dedicated IT department or with IT personnel already operating at capacity.

Through remote support, your team can readily access our pool of skilled engineers and consultants as and when required. Plus, we maintain proactive around-the-clock surveillance of your systems, thus enabling early identification and rectification of issues before they escalate into significant downtime or data loss. To top it off, our remote support package incorporates regular system upkeep and updates, offering you the peace of mind that your systems are always current. Get in touch with us today to understand how Remote Support can add value to your business.


With the rapidly changing digital landscape, employing IT Services to fine-tune your organisation's IT system is essential. Too many businesses are grappling with the setback of not adopting modern solutions. IT Outcomes offers a UK-wide service catering to organisations of all sizes. If you're anxious about IT or lack proficiency in harnessing Office 365 or the overall Microsoft Office suite, don't hesitate to contact us. IT Outcomes, with its extensive experience of assisting businesses in Petersfield, Hampshire, appreciates the significance of helping smaller businesses ascend via smart application of IT Services and IT services.

What does our Petersfield IT Services consist of?

  • Telephone & Remote Support (Software & Hardware) in Petersfield
  • Unlimited onsite IT Services throughout Petersfield (terms apply)
  • Scheduled maintenance and system updates
  • Swift response to telephone & IT support queries
  • Dedicated local account manager in Petersfield

For a quarter of a century, we've been aiding small, medium, and large businesses in Petersfield, Hampshire, and other regions. Our IT solutions cater to all. Whether you're on a quest for startup assistance, continuous IT management service, or any other intermediate support, IT Outcomes is the optimal choice for your requirements.

Network & Security

One of the most serious problems a business owner faces is firewall security, viruses, and unauthorised access to confidential network files.

Email Collaboration

Microsoft Exchange has been pivotal in helping businesses in Petersfield take a leap forward in email communication management by replacing POP3 and IMAP protocols.

IT Installations

In the past two years, our IT Networking and Installations team has fitted over 500+ server configurations in the Petersfield and Hampshire areas.

Office 365

The Office 365 package, priced from only £3.95 per email account, alleviates the hassle of managing offline/network-based emails for businesses in Petersfield.


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