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Starting at just £1.50 monthly for each device, we provide various IT services in Sandwich and Kent. These are perfect for businesses aiming to revitalise their IT infrastructure.

Customisable IT Services Sandwich

IT Support is a valuable tool for businesses in Sandwich, available as a purchasable product that continues to deliver exceptional results. We at IT Outcomes have worked diligently to ensure our service can adjust to meet your particular requirements and expectations. With us, your business no longer has to bear high costs for IT Services services.

A growing number of businesses in Sandwich are opting for our affordable, quality IT Services services. Book a free IT consultation with us today.

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ITO Support

Boasting more than 15 years of industry practice, we've matured into a widely trusted strategic technology partner for numerous organisations and internal teams.


ITO Services

We offer comprehensive IT services ranging from consultation and customer assistance to IT support. Our team of expert IT consultants, works towards delivering optimum solutions tailored for your organisation.


ITO Cloud

Opt for cloud servers and benefit from considerably less energy use compared to on-site servers, leading to noteworthy savings on your energy bill. Moreover, storing your documents and data online can eliminate the necessity for paper, offering an effective and eco-friendly way forward.


London, Kent & Sussex

Onsite IT Support in Kent

Our package gives you unrestricted support, on-site engineer advice as needed, and round-the-clock monitoring with instant guidance.

Our Onsite Support, accessible across Kent, Sandwich, and several other south-eastern regions in the UK, ranks high among our most favoured plans. It offers extensive onsite help together with a comprehensive outsourced IT support service for businesses. This package combines the benefits of our Monitor-IT and Remote-IT offerings, adding in the value of having on-site engineer time.

Our IT Services Services

In the current landscape, it's crucial to incorporate IT Services within your business operations. Many firms risk being left behind due to a reluctance to adopt modern IT Services practices. IT Outcomes delivers a national service for all organisations, regardless of size, across the country. If IT matters concern you, or if you have limited knowledge in this arena, don't hesitate to reach out to us. IT Outcomes brings years of experience, having worked with businesses in Sandwich, Kent. We recognise the importance of aiding smaller businesses in progressing up the ladder through smart utilisation of IT Services and IT services.

What does our Sandwich IT Services consist of?

Over the last 25 years, we've dedicated our efforts to helping small, medium, and large businesses in Sandwich, Kent, and further afield. Our scope includes providing IT solutions encompassing IT Services. Whether you need assistance in starting up, want a continuing IT management service, or anything else in between, IT Outcomes is the most reliable choice for your needs.


Telephone & Remote Support (Software & Hardware) in Sandwich

Unlimited onsite IT Services throughout Sandwich (subject to terms)

Scheduled maintenance and software patches

Expedited response times to telephone & IT Support

Dedicated account manager located in the Sandwich region

IT Services in Sandwich

Contacting a Kent IT Services company is straightforward. Just give us a call or send us an email as soon as you can. Additionally, you can reach us through our Live Chat!


Unlimited Onsite Support

No added expense for totally unlimited onsite support and engineer visits. We understand that there are times when issues can only be addressed by an onsite engineer and we don't charge extra when such incidents occur.


Efficient Financial Management

Your IT support expenses are consolidated into a single monthly fee, with the cost known ahead of time. It doesn't matter how much support time you require, it's a regular and predictable expense that aids in your budget management.


Minimised Business Disruption

Our goal is always to resolve issues as quickly as possible. Our understanding of the vitality of keeping your business operational drives us to limit any potential disruption. When possible, we perform critical updates outside working hours.


Comprehensive Support

With our Support IT package, you get full access to our remote monitoring, support, and onsite engineering time along with unlimited technical advice.


IT Experts

Save on hiring your own team of IT technicians - we've got all your IT needs covered! Our team is fully trained and each member is an expert in their field. They're ready to solve your problems, leaving you free to focus on your business.


Early Warning

As part of our Monitor-IT package, we offer early warnings of potential issues outside of standard office hours, allowing you to tackle issues as they occur.


Dedicated Professionals

IT Outcomes provides a wide scope of solutions for diverse applications. Our tailored and bespoke options in our IT Support Packages can help keep your business IT infrastructure online and functioning optimally.


Highly Recommended

IT Outcomes has established a strong reputation in the IT Support industry, assisting a diverse range of clients, from educational institutions to small sole traders, with a broad array of IT support and service options.


Certified Professionals

We're proud to hold a wide range of accreditations in various areas of IT Support and Service. This guarantees you peace of mind that you've chosen the right place for your IT Support.

Local IT Services Sandwich

Our team of specialists has devoted years to helping businesses in locations like Sandwich and Kent establish their IT solutions. Likewise, we've spent years aiding individuals with computer problems get their systems back in functioning order. The growth and success of our clients is testament to our increasingly strong operations in Kent. But, it's the satisfaction of our customers that is the real proof of our competence.

We don't believe in a hard sell. Our consultants won't push unnecessary services onto you. Instead, they will carefully assess your needs and provide the right aid through a Free IT Consultation.

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Experienced IT Services Sandwich in Kent

IT Outcomes provides an extensive array of technical IT support to organisations in Sandwich and Kent. We begin by understanding your needs and, after identifying key requirements, work towards cultivating a supportive and robust IT setting for your whole organisation. Our services cater to a range of specialised needs, including IT support for schools

Our most basic package arms you with the necessary tools to keep your devices functioning seamlessly. This is especially suitable for smaller businesses that may not require consistent technical aid. Our proactive service is the next tier, perfect for small to medium-sized businesses in Sandwich aiming to ensure a smooth-running network. This is closely followed by our fully managed IT support packages for comprehensive care.

We take pride in being one of the most respected IT Services services firms, providing advice, consultancy, and professional service to organisations in Sandwich. With the flexibility to customise our service level agreements, we can make IT support, previously viewed as a fixed service, more tailored to your business and situation.

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Client Retention


Device Management


Our professionals are adept at handling your requests swiftly and effectively, be it scrutinizing a Dell Server or an HP printer. Our unique login portal, designed specifically for businesses in Sandwich, enables you to submit a request in less than 30 seconds, thanks to our cutting-edge technology.


Our IT Services team comprises knowledgeable professionals with vast expertise in data recovery, end-of-line hardware, and computer repair. With over 30 years of combined experience and a proven track record in saving businesses significant money on data, our team has earned unrivalled acknowledgement for their service levels from organisations in Sandwich and the surrounding Kent areas.

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