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IT Services; available to businesses in Tilbury and Essex based regions. Contact us immediately for IT Support with a 5* award-winning reputation.


ITO Support

With a solid history spanning over 15 years, we're a seasoned, reliable technology ally to an array of organisations and in-house groups. Our knowledge and industry understanding have earned us their trust and respect.


ITO Services

We offer IT consultation, customer service, and helpdesk assistance. Our team, comprising seasoned IT consultants, is dedicated to delivering solutions tailored to your organisation's needs.


ITO Cloud

Cloud servers are more energy-efficient than on-site servers, leading to substantial reductions on your utility bills. Plus, online storage of documents eliminates the necessity for paper, enhancing your green credentials.


Nationwide Remote Support

Remote IT Support in Essex

If your business lacks an in-house IT team or if your IT staff is overworked, remote IT support is the perfect solution.

With our Remote Support, you gain access to a dedicated team of specialists, ready to assist as required. In Tilbury, we actively watch your systems around the clock. This proactive approach allows us to spot and rectify issues before they result in downtime or loss of data. Moreover, our Remote IT Support package comes with routine upkeep and upgrades, ensuring your systems are always current, safe, and under constant surveillance using advanced technologies. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how remote support can elevate your business.

IT Services in Tilbury

Why not chat with one of our IT experts? Find how we can serve as your IT Outsourcing Partner, assisting your shift from a Capital Expenditure (CapEx) to an Operating Expenditure (OpEx) model through cloud or Office 365 solutions. Our broad experience and skill set are noteworthy. In need of streamlined email collaboration using the latest technology, backed by a 5-star award-winning organisation serving customers in Tilbury? We can guide you through the first steps, evaluate potential advantages and check for any potential drawbacks for your Essex business.


Proactive IT helpdesk

Experience swift, responsive assistance, backed by proactive management and assured quality standards.


Trusted Partner Relationships

We hold important accreditations from leading vendors.


CyberEssentials PLUS

A testament to our expertise in safeguarding client data.


ISO9001 and ISO27001

Proof of our dedication to data security and process adherence


Dedicated Account Management

A singular point of contact guaranteeing your needs are always heard.


Highly Trained Engineers

Our team are selected for their quality and are fully qualified.


Collaborative and supportive culture

Happy employees lead to happier clients.


Friendly Engineers

Tech professionals without all the jargon.

IT Services IN Tilbury

Get in touch with an IT professional in Tilbury now for valuable insights on steps to enhance your IT network.

IT Support Services

Our offerings include Project Delivery, IT Consultancy, Network Services Design, and Virtualisation Technology (VMWare), which encompasses Failover Clustering and Storage Platform usage. We execute IT Audits for businesses in Tilbury and the surrounding Essex region and offer comprehensive Managed IT Services. We also support applications part of the Microsoft System centre suites, particularly Office 365. Pairing Office 365 with our packages provides a superior cloud service experience with the integration of MS Office, Microsoft Hyper-V, SharePoint, Exchange, and Lync.

What does our Tilbury IT Services consist of?

  • Telephone & Remote Support (Software & Hardware) for Tilbury
  • Unlimited onsite IT Services across Tilbury (subject to terms)
  • Scheduled maintenance and patching
  • Rapid response to telephone & IT Support calls
  • A dedicated account manager based in the Tilbury area

Cloud Services

We're proficient in managing your complete cloud infrastructure, including file sharing, emails, secure login portals, and even phone service. Modernise alongside us.

Email Collaboration

Simultaneous device communication is no longer a challenge. Use our booking form to schedule a complimentary email review and consultation with our support team.

IT Installations

We ensure hardware and software systems stay current with knowledgeable IT Engineers and technicians ready to assist our Tilbury clients with our IT Services.

IT Consultancy

Companies in Tilbury often need comprehensive IT consulting services. Schedule a free online IT consultation to get expert suggestions for enhancing your network efficiency.

ACCREDITED PARTNER; IT Services IN Tilbury & Essex

We provide guidance and solutions for a broad spectrum of IT concerns for both small and large businesses in Tilbury. It's no wonder that enterprises across Essex turn to us, drawn by our renowned and unbeatable service levels, pair with our proactive device management, all at a reasonable cost.

Our IT Services plan gives you the flexibility to maintain peak performance of your security network, assured by our remote monitoring and proactive maintenance scheduling. With our Tilbury service plans, there are no hidden charges or usage caps and pricing remains fixed.

We've consistently seen service and quality enhancements, performance boosts, and extended system operation times for all our new clients. These improvements enable your team to be more productive and help regularise and anticipate management and maintenance costs.

Contacting the UK's leading Tilbury IT Services company is easy. Whether you prefer to call or email us at, we're ready to assist.

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