IT Support for Business

IT Support for Business

Empower Your Business with Reliable IT Support – Your Map to Seamless Technology Solutions!

Why Do You Need IT Support for Business?

Efficient IT support isn't a luxury; it's a necessity for any forward-thinking business. Reliable IT support is the backbone of business success. Whether you operate in Kent, London, or the South East, the need for expert IT assistance is universal. From safeguarding your critical data against cyber threats to ensuring seamless operations through proactive maintenance, our IT support services are your shield and sword in the digital realm

As businesses in Kent, London, and the South East evolve, so do their IT requirements. Our IT support services ensure that your technology infrastructure remains resilient, adaptable, and compliant with ever-changing regulations. Whether it's troubleshooting unexpected issues, implementing strategic upgrades, or providing round-the-clock assistance, our team is here to optimize your IT operations. Embracing our IT support means embracing stability, security, and peace of mind. When you choose us, you're choosing a partner committed to your business's uninterrupted growth and success.


IT Support Packages

We support businesses of all sizes throughout the UK (Kent, London, Croydon etc.), helping with all areas of technical support to keep your business working efficiently and effectively. We want you to be able to specify exactly what you want taking care of each month.

IT Support Packages

IT Support For Charities

IT Outcomes works closely with charities and not-for-profit organisations. We understand the different needs that charities have compared to other organisations and can provide customisable and tailor made IT solutions to coincide with your overall aims and ambitions.

IT Support For Charities

IT Support for Schools

We understand how schools and education organisations have different requirements to other businesses. We at IT Outcomes can provide a variety of services to keep your school’s IT systems running efficiently, safely and economically.

IT Support for Schools

IT Support for Business

Our Business IT Services provide flexible access to a highly–motivated and dedicated team of IT support professionals who possess in–depth knowledge of a wide range of infrastructures, security, mail systems and applications. IT Outcomes provide a wide range of services across the UK, including IT Support in Kent, Croydon and London.

Our support ensures quality of service delivery, improved up-time and network availability, increased operational efficiency and reduced costs across most major technology platforms. IT Outcomes provide experienced certified engineers to deal with software issues, hardware faults and breakages. Our proactive maintenance services ensure that your Windows Infrastructure remains scalable and adaptable to changing company needs


On-premise Services

Our Managed Services agreements are tailored to meet your specific requirements, taking into account any onsite IT support you may currently have

Hosted Services

With our in-house service desk available whenever you need them via telephone, live chat or through the service hub (direct from your desktop, mobile or on the web on any device), you can get in contact with us in an instant whenever you require support.

Managed Services

Check out our bespoke and customisable IT Support Packages on our website for more information.

Co-Managed IT

These services provide a foundation for your internal IT team to focus on your top-priority items, ensuring the security and efficiency of your infrastructure.
View our Co-Managed IT Services.

IT Manager Support

From handing over the entire running of your IT systems via our Onsite Managed Support Services, or having us at the end of the phone as part of our remote services, we can support you as much or as little as you need to keep you functioning at your prime.

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Server Monitoring

Our 24×7 Monitoring service allows you to always be ahead of any outages or upsets.


Remote Support

Ideal for smaller businesses, our Remote Support offers cost effective & unlimited remote support


Pay As You Go

Our flexible Pay-As-You-Go service is perfect for complementary IT support or IT support for business


Onsite Support

Onsite Support provides unlimited support with an onsite engineer along with 24-7 monitoring


Why Choose Us?

IT Outcomes are very proud of the high skill set provided by our team.


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The Benefits of IT Support for Businesses

Running a successful business may not necessarily require technical expertise to manage IT systems effectively. However, outsourcing IT support services can provide your business with four main benefits.

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Keeping your team happy

Partnering with a dedicated IT support provider can simplify technology environments, decrease downtime, and provide professional personal support, thereby improving staff experience and freeing up their valuable time. Outsourcing IT also provides access to IT experts who work to a guaranteed response time, at a fraction of the cost of replicating it in-house.

Better connections for your workforce

Using an IT support provider can help build a connected workforce by providing modern workplace solutions that allow staff to collaborate and work more effectively as a team, whether they are in the office or working remotely.

Reduced IT Costs

Outsourcing IT support can help reduce costs, while ensuring service and reliability are not compromised. Hiring an internal IT team is often not an affordable option for small businesses. IT support providers can offer whole teams of experts who keep businesses up to date on the latest developments and help them choose solutions that will reduce costs and problems while improving scalability.

Prioritising IT Security

IT support can offer businesses a security-first approach as protection from the increasing risk of cyber-attacks. Professional security consultants can guide businesses through the necessary steps to protect their data and react to threats.

It Support Package Numbers


Monthly Support Requests on average through our helpdesk


Requests closed in less than 1 hour


Supported clients throughout Kent and UK Nationwide


Calls resolved everyday on the spot in 10 minutes

Fully Managed Business IT Services

IT Outcomes can take full responsibility for your IT infrastructure, providing day-to-day telephone and remote technical support, in addition to ongoing strategic guidance, proactive network monitoring and fast, effective onsite support.

We can provide a customised program of support for your organisation, including services such as infrastructure audits, telephone and remote support, onsite support, network monitoring and maintenance, hardware support (such as Apple Mac), as well as expert guidance and advice.

We take the stress out of changing your IT supplier by fully managing the entire service transition process, leaving you to focus on other important business activities. As well as businesses we also offer IT Support for Schools

Fully Managed Business IT Services


Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud services could be your answer. Secure, cost effective and efficient in syncing files from one PC to another.

Looking at our cost effective managed firewall services could be a good step in the right direction.

We regularly offer coaching sessions over the phone and via screenshare to teach and bring your staff up to speed.


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