IT Support for Schools

IT Support for Schools

We understand how schools and education organisations have different requirements to other businesses. We at IT Outcomes can provide a variety of services to keep your school’s IT systems running efficiently, safely and economically.


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IT for Education & Schools

From managing your security and networks, to providing scheduled onsite support and maintenance, we can devise a tailor made schedule to help keep your school online and in the loop. We also provide schools with bespoke and customisable IT Support Packages available to generate online quotations and a breakdown of device and support you’d like in a PDF format. IT Support Kent services.


IT Support for Business

We provide Business Support Services which includes purchase orders, delivery schedules, customer relationship management, accounting, processing and other relevant supporting processes.

IT Support for Business

IT Support For Charities

IT Outcomes works closely with charities and not-for-profit organisations. We understand the different needs that charities have compared to other organisations and can provide customisable and tailor made IT solutions to coincide with your overall aims and ambitions.

IT Support For Charities

IT Support Packages

We support businesses of all sizes throughout the UK (Kent, London, Croydon etc.), helping with all areas of technical support to keep your business working efficiently and effectively. We want you to be able to specify exactly what you want taking care of each month to fit your defined budget.

IT Support Packages

Why do you need IT Support Services?

You may not have required IT services for schools or advanced IT requirements such as disaster recovery or felt the need to protect your infrastructure from catastrophic interruptions before. Perhaps you’ve managed to get through with just managing it yourself? These are just a few questions that we find are asked by new inquiries.

The overall aim for us is to deliver IT Support services that is truly tailored to your requirements. A lot of IT organisations throughout the UK focus on issues that you could come across, however, the likelihood of those issues occurring is very minimal, particularly if you’re under our managed service.

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Office 365

Office 365 takes the best of the Microsoft Office Packages and makes it even better with additional cloud based services to ensure your office is fully secure and accessible where and when you need it. Take a look at some of the great features provided below.

IT Security

Our Recommendation Service gives you a detailed menu of recommended steps to overcome the problems we have highlighted and shows how you can exploit new capabilities.


It is a legal requirement to protect all customer data & private details... Find out how we could help secure your data and keep compliant with government regulations.

Education IT Support for Primary Schools

The IT Outcomes team work closely alongside teachers, support staff, IT managers and Coordinators to provide scheduled services for schools including onsite support, telephone and remote assistance, network maintenance and other project management services. The support we provide also benefits the students, with students being able to concentrate on learning, while we monitor the IT systems they use to learn.

We can provide support for your entire IT infrastructure, including technologies used within the classroom, the server room, reception areas and admin departments. We understand the importance of ICT in the primary curriculum, and we provide services to meet the needs of the new computing curriculum. Embracing a wider role in the school improvement process, we consult with and work closely with your internal IT resources, third party consultants and the senior leadership team.

In addition to the onsite support we provide, IT Outcomes can provide telephone and remote assistance services suited to the needs of your admin department and reception area.

We play an active role in implementing new technologies within schools, such as the deployment of digital learning devices within the classroom, including tablet devices, laptops, desktops, interactive whiteboards, projectors and cloud solutions.

Our IT support service for Primary Schools covers Kent, London, Croydon & surrounding areas.


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Server Monitoring

Our 24×7 Monitoring service allows you to always be ahead of any outages or upsets.


Remote Support

Ideal for smaller businesses, our Remote Support offers cost effective & unlimited remote support


Pay As You Go

Our flexible Pay-As-You-Go service is perfect for complementary IT support or IT support for business


Onsite Support

Onsite Support provides unlimited support with an onsite engineer along with 24-7 monitoring


Why Choose Us?

IT Outcomes are very proud of the high skill set provided by our team.


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IT Support Tailored to your Educational Institution

The education sector relies heavily on technology solutions to support its operations, yet traditional IT support for schools and colleges often falls short in providing the necessary guidance, information, and technical expertise.

Schools and education organisations have unique ICT requirements that differ from those of other business sectors. Effective technology solutions are essential for schools, particularly since ICT is an integral part of the curriculum. With staff and students having higher expectations and needs for IT services, having the right technical solutions in place is crucial to improving their experience.

However, getting new projects approved when time and budget are limited can be challenging. As a result, many schools are forced to rely on outdated and inefficient legacy systems and processes that are not cost-effective or safe.

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Our Education Support Packages


Monthly Support Requests on average through our helpdesk


Requests closed in less than 1 hour


Supported clients throughout Kent and UK Nationwide


Calls resolved everyday on the spot in 10 minutes

IT Support for Secondary Schools

In addition to the services provided for the primary school, we appreciate the different needs of secondary schools.

Along with the brilliant new technologies we can implement into the classroom, we are able to support your school in developing more advanced cloud based solutions and fully cloud based virtualisation of hardware and software. Following the best practices framework, we can work closely with your internal IT provision to offer expert advice and support to consolidate the entire infrastructure to the cloud, saving valuable time and resources in the process.

We can implement and maintain ongoing management of a simplified centralised mobile device management solution for your school that is administrated from a secure web-based dashboard. This allows for the effective management of all mobile device architecture, including laptops, Android devices and tablets.

Providing an extensive network monitoring system, we can closely monitor your entire school’s ICT network, liberating your ICT manager from the day-to-day burden of scheduled network performance checks. This allows them to concentrate on other activities that are critical to maintaining your schools ongoing success.

Offering a variety of support options, from onsite to remote and telephone support, our priority is to keep downtime to a minimum, providing a fast resolution to any ICT issues that may arise during the working day in the admin department.

IT Outcomes support service for Secondary Schools covers Kent, London, Croydon & surrounding areas.

IT Support for Secondary Schools


Frequently Asked Questions

ICT technicians are responsible for maintaining and managing the school's computer networks. They install and maintain software and hardware and offer technical assistance to teachers and students. Depending on the size and technological demands of the school, ICT technicians may work independently or as part of a team.

Ever since the Education Reform Act of 1988, it has been mandatory for all pupils aged 5 to 16 in state-funded schools to study information and communication technology (ICT).

The use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become an integral part of education. It involves the use of technology to facilitate the delivery of information and enhance learning. Studies conducted worldwide have demonstrated that ICT can have a positive impact on student learning outcomes and can also improve teaching methods.


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