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I haven't got an IT Department

IT Outcomes acts as your devoted IT team, offering proactive support to your staff in Kent.

Co-managed IT support

We can partner with your current IT team, providing them assistance with routine tech-related problems or participating in more extensive projects.

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10 questions to ask a potential IT support provider

Our eBook provides 10 essential questions you should ask a prospective IT Support provider in Kent. Each question is followed by our response at IT Outcomes, helping you pick the best IT Support company for your needs.

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Business Challenges

Dealing with IT Challenges in Kent?

Unsatisfied with your current IT setup? Constant IT issues in Maidstone? Slow support in Rochester? Or inexperienced technicians in Canterbury. Poor IT Support can hamper your business flow.

As a leading IT support and managed service provider in Kent, covering from Dover to Dartford, IT Outcomes offers the skill to efficiently resolve these challenges. Our services ensure your systems perform at their best, with strong cyber security at the core of our solutions, built for Kent businesses.

Discover how we can support your Kent-based business!

Regular Downtime Problems?

Battling with frequent IT downtime in Canterbury or Dover? A dependable IT support service that provides proactive monitoring can reduce disruptions to your business, avoiding the high costs of system downtime.

Overwhelmed by IT Jargon?

Bemused by tech jargon in tech hubs like Dartford? We prioritise clear communication, focusing on the advantages IT support brings to your business in Kent, without using complicated terms.

No IT Future Plan?

Operating without a clear IT strategy for the future? We can assist to map out an IT roadmap tailored to your Kent business, ensuring your technology remains up-to-date and secure.

Delayed IT Support Response?

Situated in busy areas like Maidstone and need swift IT support? Prompt and effective IT Support is our promise to Kent's businesses, ensuring minimal interruption to work and productivity loss.

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Why IT Outcomes?

Outstanding Customer Reviews

"Go for it, for peace of mind. A company that sees your issues as important and answers swiftly. They keep us updated on what we need to stay current and secure, without ever being overbearing. Superior Support and undoubtedly one of our most dependable suppliers!"

Solving Problems

Our Way of Work


I require consistent system performance.

Our Kent-based IT Support continously monitors your systems to ensure their optimal operation. We update and rectify them even before any issue surfaces.

I'm after more value from my IT support.

We provide cost-effective and responsive support crafted to your enterprise. Enjoy a unique approach where you converse directly with a manager who tends to your IT requirements one-on-one.

Concerned about IT Security?

Every business, regardless of size or field, requires robust cyber security. Our Kent-based IT Support team offers the necessary tools, strategies, advice, and assistance to safeguard your business. Your cyber security is our top focus!

We require IT advice.

If IT doesn't align with your business operations, your work pace may suffer. We first understand your business challenges, then devise cost-effective solutions that make your systems work for you.

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Start with Our Free Consultation

At IT Outcomes, our pledge is to deliver exemplary service. We offer IT support that demystifies technology for our customers in Kent, ensuring ease of use and efficiency.

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Pioneering Technology

IT Solutions in Kent:
Why Use Us

Choosing IT Outcomes brings numerous benefits. We take great pride in our customer service, always putting your satisfaction first.

Practical IT Support

At IT Outcomes, we provide IT support that turns complex technology problems into simple, handleable solutions for you.

Technical Problem Solving

Active Issue Prevention

We identify and tackle IT challenges promptly to avoid disruption to your business.

Collaborative IT Support

Bespoke IT Support

Get IT support that's designed just for you, with personalised plans to fit your needs.

IT Helpdesk in Kent

Always Supporting

Rest easy knowing our systems are supporting you around the clock for uninterrupted system performance.


Innovative Solutions

Innovative IT solutions driving growth and success. We ensure our systems are state of the art.

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Data Protection

Be at ease, data protection and system security is what we do. Your Cyber health is our number one concern.

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Reliable IT Support and Prompt Responses

"The biggest benefit has been in not having to spend time resolving issues or worrying about getting something working. Passing everything to IT Outcomes. It has also taken away the worry of installing something new."

Responsive Service

"Having worked previously with numerous other IT suppliers, in comparison to others I have worked with in other businesses, IT Outcomes are very responsive."

Why Choose Us

"With out a doubt, when it comes to an IT Support service the key thing is response and IT Outcomes have always responded to requests immediately."

Where to find us

Our offices are based in the vibrant heart of Kent. This ideal location affords us swift response times to cater to the IT support needs of first-rate businesses throughout Kent, London and the South East.

Kent Office

Unit 2

Chestfield Business Park

Thanet Way



Seeking Affordable Managed Security Solutions?

Kent IT Services

Our Managed Services

At IT Outcomes, we hold the view that small businesses should receive the degree of IT management and support that large corporations count on. We provide a comprehensive range of IT services tailored to the needs of small businesses.

Friendly Helpdesk worker

We go beyond just fixing tech issues. In Kent, our IT support considers the bigger picture to ensure every support session matters. We not only handle existing problems but also stay proactive to prevent them from happening at all. It's all about straightforward, hassle-free IT for you.

Proactive Support

Our Kent-based IT Outcomes team delivers experienced advice, service, and support. We strive to grasp your unique needs and provide custom, effectual IT solutions designed for your company's needs.

Remote IT Support

Cloud servers allow you to access your files and data anytime, from anywhere in Kent, on any device. This makes collaboration and task completion simpler for your team. Plus, cloud servers keep your critical data safe and secure, offering you tranquillity.

Proactive Support

Safeguard your Kent-based business with IT Outcomes. Our custom security services include advanced firewalls and ongoing checks to protect your information. Rely on our specialists to fortify your operations, affording you security and stable business performance.

IT Support in Kent FAQs

Visit our detailed FAQ section for answers to commonly asked questions about our IT support services. If you can't find what you need, don't hesitate to contact us for more help.

IT Support covers a wide range of services including technical help, software updates, hardware management, network security, and preventive maintenance to keep systems running optimally. It also involves delivering quick solutions to IT queries, monitoring systems for potential problems, and providing strategic advice to improve IT systems for long-term success.

Good IT Support is essential for your business to prevent disruption, protect against cyber threats, and keep systems up to date. It's a proactive approach that provides solutions before they become problems, ensuring business continuity. Skillful IT support teams offer not only problem-solving but also strategic guidance to improve system performance and efficiency, which can significantly benefit business operations.

In Kent, IT Outcomes is known for its committed customer service and technical stability. Clients trust us for our reliability and consistent results. Offering complete IT solutions tailored to fit your business requirements, we aim to support you from setup to ongoing maintenance.

Kent's landscape is dotted with IT companies, with major hubs in towns like Maidstone, Canterbury, and Tonbridge. These areas draw tech businesses due to their thriving communities and networking opportunities.

Yes, we provide remote IT support as a fundamental part of all our service packages. Regardless of where you are, we can provide quick and effective assistance over the internet to solve your technical problems.

Yes, in a large number of cases. We manage to resolve approximately 86% of IT issues on the day they are reported. Our team prioritises based on urgency to ensure quick solutions and aims to restore normal operations as soon as possible. For cases requiring more time, we provide regular updates to keep you informed about our next steps and when you can anticipate a solution.

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We regularly meet with you to collaboratively develop a roadmap that forecasts and fulfils your business's future goals and needs.

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