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IT Support Packages Customisable, Bespoke and Cost Effective packages for... Mobile Phones Laptops & Desktops iPads Servers Routers & Switches

Our IT Support Packages

Our various and tailored IT Support Packages….

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Our various and tailored IT Support Packages….

IT Packages Introduction


5-20 PC’s? We support small, local businesses throughout Kent & UK Nationwide (remote only).


25+ PC’s and multiple devices? Speak to a member of our team to build your bespoke IT Support package.


We work with a number of corporates throughout the UK. Contact us for a full brief and presentation.

IT Packages Stats


Monthly Support Requests on average through our helpdesk.


Requests closed in less than 1 hour.


Supported clients throughout Kent and UK Nationwide.


Calls resolved everyday on the spot in 10 minutes

IT Support Packages & Support

Introduction to how IT Outcomes can help…

Here at IT Outcomes, we firmly believe that IT Support should be simple, intuitive and fully centered around you, our clients.  That’s why we offer such a broad range of IT support packages, from fully managed to proactive support.  We support businesses of all sizes throughout the UK (Kent, London, Croydon etc.), helping  with all areas of technical support to keep your business working efficiently and effectively.  We want you to be able to specify exactly what you want taking care of each month to fit your defined budget.

From handing over the entire running of your IT systems via our Onsite Managed Support Services, or having us at the end of the phone as part of our remote services, we can support you as much or as little as you need to keep you functioning at your prime.

FAQ’s IT Support Packages

Frequently Asked Questions about our IT Support Packages…

An IT Support Package is a custom built, bespoke group of services to help maintain, manage and improve a businesses IT infrastructure whilst minimising downtime and maximising uptime. Our IT Support packages are used by businesses from all sizes, from start-ups to large corporate enterprises, of whom take advantage of our award winning service.

A Managed IT Service package is a fixed, pay monthly cost per user aimed at a broad array of businesses to negate the need for large capital expenditure required for new IT systems and integrations. Information Technology, computers and much more grow as your business grows and therefore it is vitally important to keep your IT infrastructure and systems in a condition which minimizes risk in an IT catastrophic failure. Our packages are split between Proactive, Fully Managed, Managed Network and Managed Mobile allowing you to create a bespoke and tailored option for your requirements. Simply select the required number of devices in each section and a final calculated price per month will be available to download in PDF format.

It truly depends on your current situation and setup. A small office between 3-5 users may not be suited for an on-going IT support service because the flexibility and use of off the shelf systems such as Dropbox for file exchange (even though unsecure if third party devices were stolen) and various others. Whilst a growing business of 10+ users who have multiple devices and require constant connection to secure files hosted in the cloud during meetings as an example, would benefit hugely from any of our IT Support packages above. Technology can impress many new prospects (only when it works!).

An IT support technician is the person you can count on to handle your day to day IT problems, issues and general maintenance.  Our team are highly trained and experienced in handling a wide range of common IT issues, as well as keeping an eye on your system to make sure nothing out of the ordinary is happening!

We offer a range of different levels for our IT support packages, as we understand that different businesses require different levels of support.  Our prices are based on the number of computers, laptops and servers you require support for.  We have a handy pricing tool on our website to help you establish how much your perfect IT package would be.

The best thing to do is read through the information on our website, and if you have any questions or queries about how our packages could work for you and your company, get in touch using the contact information on our site.  We also have a live chat facility for any burning questions!  Call us today on 0330 332 6262 or email

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