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Our flexible Pay-As-You-Go service is perfect IT teams who need complementary IT support or IT support for business, and do not wish to commit to a regular monthly service contract. You simply pay for whichever service you need.

Perfect for the ad-hoc services or for general one off IT support issues, emergency support, consultation services, projects and for companies who already have an in house IT department, but require additional resources.

No pre-booking required - flexible service programmes

Clear pricing structure - no hidden costs

Guaranteed Fix - Knowledgeable in all aspects

Communication - Regular communication throughout


Remote Support

Ideal buy for the smaller businesses, our Remote Support package offers the user cost effective, unlimited remote support.


Onsite Support

Onsite assistance as part of our award-winning email collaboration service.


Co-Managed IT

Our co-managed IT support services offer a mature suite of tools and processes that have been thoroughly tested.

Ad Hoc IT Support

This is an ideal ad-hoc service for general one-off IT support issues, emergency support, consultation services, project work and for companies with an existing IT department that require additional resources.

Who Can Benefit

Our Pay-As-You-Go service is great for those companies who already have their own IT team, but occasionally require additional resources, support or technical knowledge. We are also ideal for smaller businesses who perhaps do not have the budget ready for a regular monthly service plan.

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Emergency IT Support

Where are here when you suddenly need IT help or support right now! This could be urgent remote support, or a fast on-site visit (such as with a critical server failure) or just a one-off issue which needs resolving quickly.


IT Projects

You might want some additional technical resources for a project, or you wish to outsource the whole thing – we can do this! Our team of helpful and dedicated IT Engineers can assist with various solutions.


Temporary Cover

Ideal for when you need short term cover such as for staff holidays, illness or other absence, while existing IT staff are on secondments or training, or after a new project rollout to provide additional support.

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Frequently Asked Questions…

Pay-As-You-Go would suit any business who requires a little extra help on odd occasions, or who do not have the budget set aside for regular IT support.

Pay-As-You-Go is charged at our standard hourly rate, plus a call out fee. We keep it all highly transparent and clear for our customers!

Yes, we can! Pay-As-You-Go is ideal for those situations when you need a short term cover for IT support, such as holiday or sickness cover.

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