Remote IT Support


Ideal buy for the smaller businesses, our Remote Support package offers the user a cost effective, yet still provide customers unlimited easy remote support service, with 24-7 monitoring of your IT systems.


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Remote Support

Ideal buy for the smaller businesses, our Remote Support package offers the user a cost effective, yet still provide customers unlimited easy remote support service, with 24-7 monitoring of your IT systems.

IT support for business when the business is smaller requires the business to keep a reserved eye on the budget at all times, but you still need to have the technology in your office to deliver.

Unlimited support - unlimited telephone and email support

Service hub access - 24/7 access to our service hub

Fully remote support - we offer a tailored remote package

Reduced onsite visits - we can conduct all work externally


Pay As You Go

Our flexible Pay-As-You-Go service is perfect IT teams who need complementary IT support or IT support for business.


Onsite Support

Onsite assistance as part of our award-winning email collaboration service.


Co-Managed IT

Our co-managed IT support services offer a mature suite of tools and processes that have been thoroughly tested.

Remote Support Package

Our remote support package is the best solution for you. This remote support package terms gives you unlimited remote support for your users, covering all your computers, servers and networks; helping to resolve your computers problems instantly.

We can automatically update applications on multiple computers and devices in one go controlled from our end. We have the resources to handle video, applications and any resources that you may need on your network.

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Lower costs for your business

Using a monthly service charge, the price is fixed no matter how often a user needs us, or how much time you use up each month. Reducing the need to spend out on blocks of time, or the costs of hiring and training your own IT department means you can save a huge amount of money on your IT support.


Fast Fix

All our front line support staff are fully qualified technicians and will be able to begin fixing your problems right away, with no need to call-log or go through a time consuming call centre process.


Completely Unlimited

No limits on the time or amount of remote support you can use. We are there as and when you need us.



Small businesses often struggle to find the right depth of knowledge of technical expertise needed to start, maintain and troubleshoot your IT systems. We allow you to focus on the important aspects of your business, leaving your IT system in our capable hands.


24-7 Support

With our round the clock monitoring, we can find and notify you of any issues with a device as and when they crop up so you can take the necessary action quickly and efficiently.


Simple and Secure

We keep your systems fully up to date with the latest software, connect the latest patches and security updates as they are available. Contact us today on 0330 332 6262.


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Remote Support Features

With our in-house service desk available whenever you need them via telephone, live chat or through the service hub (direct from your desktop, mobile or on the web on any device), you can get in contact with us in an instant whenever you require support. Our lines are manned by qualified technicians to start a session remotely and ensure you are back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our service desk technicians use the leading technology to remotely connect and sign into your systems and in most cases can rectify any issues there and then, rather than needing an onsite visit. If it transpired that an engineer would be required to visit, you would enjoy a discounted rate on our onsite engineer visits.

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Frequently Asked Questions…

Remote Support is great for those who need a little extra support every now and then without requiring a site visit.  It is more cost effective than some packages, offering the same high levels of support.

We find that our Remote Support package suits a wide range of businesses, particularly those who have a smaller budget but still need the tech in their office!

Our Remote Support package is a great way to manage your monthly budget for IT support, offering a great service for a regular monthly fee.  Speak to our team about your needs for an accurate quote.

The best way to speak to the team is through our phone number 0330 332 6262 or email


Please contact our team or complete the form below. A member of our team will then contact you within two hours.

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