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We are a professional and well-experienced team of qualified and certified IT Support for organizations based in Welling, Kent and surrounding areas. Get in touch with us now by email, live chat, or phone!


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Experienced IT Support Welling in Kent

Kent offers a wide range of technical IT support to companies in Welling and Kent, starting with your needs. We begin by assessing your situation, before utilizing the phrase "IT Support for Schools" to establish a healthy and encouraging IT climate for your entire company. Individual requirements such as IT Support for Schools are addressed by our support packages. The most basic package includes the essentials for keeping your devices online. Recommended for small businesses that don't require the continual technical support offered by our more comprehensive plans. Our proactive service is our next level, perfect again for small and medium sized businesses in Welling looking to ensure their network runs smoothly. Followed quickly by our fully managed IT support packages.

We're delighted to be one of the more well-known IT Support services firms, offering advice, counsel, and a quality service to organizations in Welling. We can change how IT support is delivered to you by customizing and itemizing our service levels, allowing us to effectively turn a set service level into one that is suited to your company and needs.


ITO Support

With over 15 years of industry experience, we’re a mature, well established and trusted strategic technology partner to a wide range of organisations and in-house teams.


ITO Services

Our services include IT consultancy, customer service and IT support. We have a team of experienced IT consultants who can provide you with the best solution for your organisation.


ITO Cloud

Cloud servers use significantly less energy than on-site servers, which can lead to big savings on your energy bill. Additionally, having your documents and data stored online can avoid the need for paper.


London, Kent & Sussex

Onsite IT Support Kent

The Onsite Support Package provides unlimited assistance, on-site consulting with an engineer as needed, and 24-hour monitoring and advice at any moment.

For businesses, the Onsite Support plan, which is accessible in Kent, Welling, and other southeast regions of the UK, includes complete site assistance as well as a comprehensive outsourced IT service for business services. Our Onsite Support Package contains all the benefits of our Monitor-IT and Remote-IT services as well as onsite engineering time.

Welling IT Support Around Kent

IT Outcomes believes that each organization is unique and has various demands. Our Kent office has a strong IT service mentality to ensure that your users and systems are always fully operational, with no service disruptions or breaks in their path - guaranteed. We have an extremely well-trained and competent Welling IT team that has extensive understanding of a variety of IT Support systems.

IT Outcomes offers IT Support to a range of small, medium, and large enterprises throughout the Kent and Welling regions. We are recognized for 100 percent client satisfaction because our expertise includes everything from virus removal to major server migrations to mobile device management.

What does our IT Support consist of?

Unlimited telephone and remote support (subject to terms)

Unlimited onsite support services in Welling (subject to conditions)

Proactive networking monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Welling

Scheduled maintenance updates and patches

Fast response times to telephone queries

In the Welling region, we have a dedicated account manager

IT Support in Welling

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Unlimited Onsite Support

No extra cost for completely unlimited onsite support and engineer visits. There are times when things can only be fixed by an engineer in situ, and we do not hold you to ransom when problems like this arise!


Efficient Financial Management

Your IT support costs are broken down into a single monthly fee, with the price known in advance. It doesn’t matter how much support time you require, so it is a regular and predictable expense to help your budget management.


Lower disruption to your business

We always aim to resolve issues as fast as we can. We understand how important it is that your business stays operational, so we limit any possible disruption as much as we can, by performing crucial updates out of hours.


No limit to the support

With our Support IT package, you have complete access to our remote monitoring, support and onsite engineering time alongside unlimited technical advice.


IT Experts

There’s no need to hire your own team of IT technicians – we have all your IT needs covered! Each member of our team is fully trained and experts in their field. They are there when you need them, so your problem is solved. You are free to focus on your business without worrying about your IT issues.


Early Warning

We offer early warnings of potential issues outside of standard office hours as part of our Monitor-IT package, enabling you to take action as and when issues arise.


Dedicated Professionals

IT Outcomes focuses on a broad range of solutions for a wide range of applications. Our tailored and bespoke options available in our IT Support Packages can help keep your business IT infrastructure online and in good health..


Highly Recommended

IT Outcomes have become a recognised name throughout the IT Support industry, helping a broad range of client types from educational establishements, to small sole traders in a wide range of IT support and service options.


Accredited Professionals

We are proud to hold a broad range of accreditations throughout a wide range of IT Support and Service applications. This provides you with extra peace of mind that you’ve come to the right place for your IT Support.

Tailored IT Support Welling

We have a fully in-house IT Support team. We don't send you halfway around the world to resolve a simple problem. In fact, our data show that for requests from clients based in Welling, our average closure time is just over 12 minutes, implying quick, effective, and efficient IT support services provided by an experienced team.

Want to reap and benefit from an organisation who over-invests in time to ensure you stay online? Request a callback today.

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IT Support & Services In Welling

Project Delivery, IT Consultancy, Network Services Design, Virtualisation Technology (including Failover Clustering), Storage Platform usage, and IT Audits are all available in the Welling and surrounding areas. The vendor also offers products from other Microsoft System Center families, such as Office 365 – which combines Microsoft Office with SharePoint, Exchange, and Lync in the cloud.

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Device Management

Fast & Effective

Our experts can execute your request. Whether you need assistance with a Dell Server, Hewlett Packard printer, or other type of hardware, we can assist you remotely or over the phone. With our unique business login portal, you submit a request in less than 30 seconds thanks to our cutting-edge technology.


Our experienced team of data recovery specialists have been recognized for providing a level of service that is unrivalled by companies in Welling and surrounding areas, with over 30 years of combined expertise and the ability to save organizations significant amounts of money from data loss, end-of-line hardware, and other issues.

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