Is IT Support really worth it?

Is IT Support really worth it?

As both household and business driven technology grow in numbers and complexity, more and more businesses from small to medium sized are now seeking IT Support companies to help assist with various technology problems on a day by day basis.


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Is IT Support really worth it?

Is IT Support worth it?

Based on the latest market information, the owner of Curry’s has mentioned that the technical support market is booming with the likes of GDPR on the horizon, many businesses operating throughout the UK are seeking this extra support. With an estimated market value worth of £2 billion in the UK and with legal requirements to ensure business data is kept safe, it is now more pressing than ever to ensure that your IT equipment is kept up to date with the latest software and security firewalls.

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However the IT Support industry is somewhat changing on the way these businesses service their clients and customers. What used to be a small local firm that used to pay a site visit upon software failure now results in over the phone support with an IT Support company fixing the majority of issues via a remote login / screenshare based session. This helps not only reduce costs for both sides, but allows for quick diagnostics of the issue at hand whilst ensuring business processes are back on track in as shorter time as possible. Of course however, IT equipment can create hardware based issues which would require an on-site visit by an IT Support technician, but with more fail safe options in-built into small business servers and computers becoming more economical which are cooler and quieter than their predecessors, by utilizing the latest available hardware these issues are somewhat starting to drop dramatically.

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