The tricks of Microsoft 365 for business

The tricks of Microsoft 365 for business 

Many of us have been using Microsoft 365 for business for years now and are very savvy to the multitude of tools and tricks it offers. But this can also be a hindrance that keeps us from learning anything new we can do with the platform. 

Well, sticking to old habits may be causing you to miss out on new Microsoft 365 tools that can revolutionise the way you and your company work!  

What is Microsoft 365 used for?

Microsoft 365 wants to help business owners and staff increase their productivity through the cloud designed tools they offer, so why not take advantage of that!! 


 Microsoft 365 tools

We’ve got ten new and exciting features included in Microsoft 365 to help make a business owners life easier, an employee’s life easier and keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. 

We have 10 top Microsoft 365 tips that WILL make your life easier! 

1. Real-time co-authoring.

With more people working from home and having secured a hybrid working arrangement within their workforce, collaborating online has never been more important. With Microsoft 365 online collaboration tools you see the changes your colleagues are making in real-time. All you must do is save your file in OneDrive or SharePoint so others can work on it with you, and you can do this directly from the Microsoft applications list! 

Teamwork with Microsoft 365

2. Work from anywhere!

As well as the Microsoft 365 online collaboration tools the increased number of employees with a hybrid arrangement requires constant communication with the team from wherever you are! We’re not always going to be in the office anymore so we can’t just turn to our colleagues and communicate in person. But, with Microsoft 365 offering the Microsoft Teams app you can now chat, share your screen and have audio or video conversations with your colleagues, plus you’ll be able to see whether their available or occupied before you reach out saving any wasted time for both you and your colleague. 


Work from anywhere

 3. Use “TELL ME”

With the difficult few years, we’ve had recently it’s not always as easy to solve a problem quickly and stress-free! Well, by using Tell Me you can enter words or phrases that relate to your problem. The solution is instantly performed for you… amazing right?  

Just click tell me in the navigation bar and type in the command you’re looking for. Click on the option you want and your problem will be solved!  


4. Say goodbye to email attachments 

Sharing a document for co-authoring has never been easier as now you can send a file link instead of a file attachment and Outlook will automatically grant edit permissions to the people you are sending it to. Plus, you can change the permissions anytime you want for any file or recipient.


6. Visualising geospatial data with the power map in excel 

Personally, this one is my favourite! With Microsoft Excel, you can now convert your data into a map allowing you to analyse and visualise your data insights. Rows can be converted into 3D interactive maps and you can use three different filters, list, range or advanced depending on what you’re trying to display! 

Create maps in Excel with Microsoft 365

7. Scroll no more!  

The resume reading feature in word allows you to pick up straight from where you left off even on different devices! Word will automatically bookmark the last page you were reading and send you straight there. How great is that!!!!

8. Opening emails is old news!

With Microsoft 365 you can now reply in-line to emails without even having to open them. Just enable the reading pane in Outlook which will allow you to preview the email content, hit reply and send your response right there. You can also combine this feature with the conversations View and you’ll see at a glance if you’ve already replied to the email or if it still needs your attention. You won’t even have to open different windows for each message which will make your desktop screen a lot less complicated. 

9. No need to rely on the Internet

When working remotely we’ve all had internet issues at one point or another, but with Microsoft 365 your free OneDrive storage is synced to your device so you can choose to work offline on files and as soon as you reconnect the new versions will automatically be uploaded to your storage. The new version will also be sent to any other connected devices making you all synced and connected once again! 

Use OneDrive to save your files

10. No matter where you are or what device you’re using you can still work stress-free 

With your Microsoft 365 subscription, you’ll also get the Office Web Apps. This allows you to work on your cloud files from any up-to-date web browser on an internet-connected computer. SO you don’t have to install the office software on the computer. You’ll also gain access to Microsoft Office Mobile Apps to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more directly from your smartphone or tablet when you’re out of the office. 

Office mobile apps

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