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As you will definitely be aware, we are living in a strange time at the moment.  Covid-19 or the Coronavirus has caused many businesses to look to alternative ways of working, and for more and more employees to be working remotely to keep a safer distance from others.  IT and technology have never been more important for businesses in order to keep working and help staff to continue working from their homes.  For many businesses, having their team dispersed may come as a bit of a shock, but with the right set up, it is possible to continue working well as a team. Here are some tips for making the most of technology for remote working.

Utilise a Virtual Workspace

Using cloud technology allows your teams to have complete access to all their usual files, documents, software and more.  Set up your virtual workspace so your team can all access shared documents, files and more from wherever they are, as well as communication tools.

Use Video Technology

Many of us are holding meetings via video call technology, which can be just as effective as a face to face meeting.  In fact, try to use video rather than simply an audio call, as having that personal touch can make the virtual meeting seem much more authentic.  If you aren’t comfortable with having your home shown in the background, many meeting applications allow you to blur the background or add a different image behind you.

Share Calendars and Availability

It is important while you are working away from the rest of your team that you are all open about your availability to each other – this could mean sharing calendars with each other so you can easily see the availability of your team for virtual meetings or other work tasks.



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