Why use Microsoft 365 in your legal firm?

Why use Microsoft 365 in your legal firm?

The need for a competent IT system within your legal firm has never been more important, with hybrid and remote working here to stay productivity is key, and many lawyers are being hindered with continuous, complicated IT issues they simply shouldn’t have to be dealing with.

Common IT issues within the legal industry

  1. A legal firm generally has to manage multiple physical servers which require manpower to maintain but also huge capital to replace and upgrade.

2. Many legal firms keep their client data on-premises (increasing unnecessary backup costs) which provides a false sense of security.

3. A legal firm that runs outdated solutions increases the exposure to data breaches and cyber-attacks.

How will Microsoft 365 specifically impact your Legal firm?

1. It provides document storage and management

Safe storage and management of files is essential within a law practice especially as the majority of the time you will be dealing with highly sensitive information of your clients. With tools such as SharePoint and OneDrive files, emails, documents, spreadsheets and more can be easily stored. You can also easily track the sharing and modifications of your files allowing relevant personnel access to the files they need from any location on any device.

Cloud storage for your legal firm
Increase productivity in your legal firm

2. Improved productivity within your team

With various team members having different roles and responsibilities it’s important that you are able to share and manage different workflows. Microsoft 365 has a variety of tools allowing individuals and teams to share data and documents whilst collaborating on projects and tasks as well as coordinating on legal matters.

3. Allow your lawyers to work from anywhere

Lawyers often have to adapt to the fast pace environment of their industry, which means often they will be out of the office. Therefore, the ability to access relevant client information, communicate with the team and work from multiple devices is key. Tools such as Teams allow easy communication between co-workers and clients whether they are in the office or not.

4. Client relationship management

Client relationships are essential within the legal sector and are also an integral part of growing the business itself. Through the wide variety of tools available with Microsoft 365 such as SharePoint can store, manage and track communications with clients ensuring all members of the team are aware of client communications and where the client is within their journey.

5. Increase billable hours

Working in the legal sector can often be associated with large amounts of soul-destroying paperwork and the administrative tasks linked to that often cut into the billable hours available for the lawyer. With Microsoft 365 the need for paperwork and in house document storage is massively reduced. Both OneDrive and SharePoint provide a vast amount of storage options for all the legal documents needed for both the business and the client increasing the time available to serve clients and focus on higher priorities.

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