Why use Microsoft 365 in your Manufacturing firm?

Manufacturing is an everchanging industry, Therefore, it is now no longer a choice to be digitally efficient. Instead of working in a physical office, manufacturers and their teams need to be accessible in various locations and work on multiple devices. Microsoft 365 provides a variety of tools to assist manufacturers to do just that and so much more.

With applications such as Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and the Cloud Microsoft 365 provides staff with emails and collaboration tools to store and share documents. It allows employees to manage permissions with other co-workers and gives project managers the ability to automate processes and distribute workloads. It’s never been easier to stay connected to your team and run an efficient workforce.

By utilising these tools available, businesses will benefit from increased visibility of processes, cost reductions, quicker product turnaround cycles and they’ll be able to deliver brilliant customer service, achieving higher customer satisfaction gaining an unbeatable reputation.

How can Microsoft 365 benefit your Manufacturing firm?

1. The Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things gives companies the competitive edge by simplifying operational processes with digitally connected machines. To put it simply, the IoT connects any smart device to the internet and various surrounding devices. It uses an internet connection, sensors and cloud computing to provide real-time input and data.  The power of the IoT is that it not only delivers analytics to share the most valuable information (reducing any wasted time within your firm) but the information provided can be used to determine what is useful.

Internet of Things

2. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing uses the power of the internet to store software and information used in business. Cloud computing is being introduced by a growing number of manufacturers because it essentially helps them meet the increasing demands of faster delivery and heightened production. Cloud computing helps manufacturers stay securely connected with consumers and their supply chain.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Manufacturers:
  • Cost savings: Cloud solutions do not require in-house servers.
  • Scalability: Cloud computing grows with the business and can be easily scaled back during slower times.
  • Reliability: Cloud-based technology often has fewer technical problems than software used on individual devices.
  • Centralised management: Accessing applications from any computer in the organisation can improve management capabilities and efficiency within the whole workforce.

3. Advanced Analytics

When running a business there is often a variety of data you will need to be aware of. From your processes, people, customers and suppliers this data often offers new opportunities, insights and potential improvements.

When used correctly, data can be your route to real-time monitoring, visibility, improved customer satisfaction and so much more. However, this isn’t always an easy task; Microsoft Advanced Analytics is about researching what happened, why it happened, what will happen in the future and how to manage things more efficiently. This will enable you to make data-driven decisions to transform your organisation and develop new business models.

AI for Manufacturing

4. Artificial Intelligence  

Artificial intelligence refers to any device that responds to its environment and takes action to acquire its goal. Therefore, the technology doesn’t need any human assistance as it makes automated decisions reducing the need for manual assistance. Furthermore, manufacturers have introduced AI technology into their maintenance processes. By combining sensors, machine data and artificial intelligence maintenance managers can identify imminent failures and predict what failures may occur in the future. In addition to this AI combines this predictive failure data with other business data such as workflow, cost, shift schedules and risk factors to optimise the maintenance management life cycle.

5. Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform enables users to work with apps, workflows, reports and chatbots helping your business respond to demands quicker! This feature allows those with relatively little technical knowledge to easily build apps, analyse data and automate processes. This will replace the expensive and time-consuming customisations used in the past.

6. Microsoft Modern Workplace

Did you know one in four people struggle to process all the information they receive in a working day? With Modern Workplace you can help your employees structure and process this information, promote collaboration, automate tasks and secure devices for specific access.

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